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Siege Perilous is another kettle of fish in regards to your standard shard, it follows a more challenging rule set for example every facet is rules by a Felucca rule set and there is no Trammel if you ant more information on the Siege Perilous rules please visit Uo Guide:Siege Perilous. Siege Perilous runs on the Eastern United States and uses the time zone EST/EDT


PvP Guilds – This is for guilds who prefer the PvP side of things.

Eye for an Eye (i4ni)

I4NI is recruiting. We are looking for players that enjoy all kinds of hunting. Yes we are in the COM faction but there is more to faction then just fighting we enjoy the faction arty vendor, we enjoy the evil/good system( for those of you that don\’t know what that is look it up but the main highlights that we enjoy are the hour of monster ingore and the 30 min item bless, these abilities are activated by saying\”i invoke my evil powers\” or i invoke my good powers\” they are based on a Life Force which is accumulated by killing faction creatures you can store up to 100 at anytime) icq me at 340-509-725 and also register to our guild forums *even if just to come and talk to us

Recruiting: Yes
Contact details: ICQ – 340-509-725 or through
Vent: yes
Factions: Yes – Council of Mages

Submitted by Sprago


PvM Guilds – This is for guilds who prefer to hunt monsters rather than people.

Gilfane (GIL)

Gilfane is a \”semi-role playing\” guild firmly based around community spirit. The name Gilfane refers to our home town, situated to the east of Skara Brae. The guild welcomes all types of players and characters of any level of experience and ability as long as they are friendly and generally virtuous, but we are best known for our monster hunting. As the leading member of the White Council alliance, we are strictly lawful and do not allow acts of evil against innocent people.

Gilfane Guild Website
Gilfane Forums

Submitted by Hoffs

The Collective (ONE)

We stress working together as a team . We aren\’t concerned so much with what is \”mine\” or \”yours\” but rather what is \”ours\” . We live fight and if needed , die as one. We stress keeping together on the battlefield , waiting for slower members etc. We are a good roalplay / pvm guild , but we WILL defend ourselves and allies. we are part of the White Council Alliance. we do all the peerless , champs and we do spend considerable time with the new gallions fighting and sometimes playing pirates .we do not attack innocents , but the npc merchant ships are a favoite target. I do require members to be honorable and not START fights (unless someone is a known enemy). i also require people in my guild to download and use both map and ventrillo . working as a tight group, we need to know where everyone is and sometimes reqires my orders to be followed instantly . (you can ask why later) . if you wish to walk the path of light and can work as a team , perhapse we can work together. We are the collective . We are ONE !

Recruiting: Yes
Contact details: ICQ – 434381629
Vent: yes
Factions: No

Submitted by Borg

Newborn on Siege (NEW)

For over ten years, NEW have acted as the Counsellors of Siege, helping beginners find their feet. NEW does not care what kind of character or playstyle you have, anyone starting out on the shard is welcome to a month\’s membership, during which time they will receive advice, basic equipment, a guildhall to train, and help finding a regular guild if you cannot do so yourself.

Submitted by Natalia

Society of Archers (S|A)

The Society of Archers \”S|A\” is a guild founded in 2000-2001 on Baja to promote archery. Later, it spread to other shards. The guild is a collection of Chapters, each residing on a particular shard within Ultima Online, and each operating under its own leadership and guidelines. What are we looking for? As the name implies, Archers and Bowyers, and we take our inspiration from Iolo FitzOwen, the bard, bowyer, and adventurer from the single-player games. Most of us were found hanging out in Skara Brae or near Yew. We will be sponsoring shard-wide and cross-shard events. Our numbers have dwindled and right now we are in a rebuilding phase, and are looking for leaders and members both on shards that we were established on, and shards that we weren\’t. At one time, we were spread across 7 shards – Atlantic, Baja, Catskills, Chesapeake, Lake Austin, Lake Superior, and Siege Perilous. We are especially looking for past members who are still technically a part of the Society of Archers and still have S|A as their guild tag, so that we can assemble accurate rosters and document the history of S|A. Lake Superior has active guild co-leaders and a guild hall, Baja has a guild hall, owned by Moving Target, but we have been unable to establish contact with them.

Society of Archers Website
Society of Archers Forums

ICQ Number 33675518

Our Guild does not take part in Factions, We are currently recruiting, We use ICQ

The guild is located on multiple shards including: Atlantic, Baja, Catskills, Chesapeake, Lake Austin, Lake Superior, Siege Perilous

Submitted by  Lokea


Trading Guilds – This section is for all the guilds that consider themselves as a “company” this would include running a vendor mall, events, auction house, casinos etc.


Role Playing Guilds – This section is for all Role playing guilds.